Course Overview

This is a beginner level course on Blazor in ASP.NET Core 3.1 that will take you from basic concepts to build a real world applications in Blazor.

It is a great time to start your journey with blazor to get a headstart with the technology! Blazor is still in the initial phase of the development cycle and nowhere close to being Mature, hence there are many changes but I will keep the course updated so you can always have the latest content!

Blazzing Shop has features where guest users can view the products and book an appointment to view the product. Admin Users at the same time can view the appointments and confirm them.

Topics Covered

  • Learn structure of a Blazor Server Project
  • Learn new files in a Blazor Project
  • Data Bindings in Blazor
  • Routing in Blazor
  • Event Binding in Blazor
  • Event Call back in Blazor
  • Forms in Blazor
  • CRUD Operations with Blazor
  • Authentication and Authorization in Blazor
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