Course Overview

Azure DevOps is one of the "required" skills with new job requirements. But what is Azure DevOps?

We will understand a world without DevOps to see what is the actual need/benefit of Azure DevOps and then we will go in depth with the services offered in Azure DevOps.

We will explore the fundamentals of Azure Devops and why it is needed in the first place. This course is focused for anyone wiling to learn the basics of Azure Devops starting from managing tickets, building pipelines and managing Repository.

Azure DevOps is one place to host all the essential pieces of your software development. We will start from scratch and build everything from grounds up!

We will focus on the following aspects in the course
  • Azure Repos is used to manage all the code for software.
  • Azure Pipelines is used to build automated CI/CD pipelines.
  • Azure Boards is used to manage all the tickets/task/new features/ requirements for your software development and track them.
  • Azure Wiki is used to add some technical documentation on items within your project.

This course requires no prior knowledge of Azure DevOps and takes you from point zero.

This course will give you hands on development with Azure DevOps, making you capable and comfortable to point where which you can add experience with Azure DevOps to your skill set for your next role!

Enroll now and lets explore the amazing world of Azure Devops.

Topics Covered

  • Understand why DevOps is needed?
  • What are services offered by Azure DevOps
  • Managing Organization and Projects in Azure DevOps
  • Managing Boards (task/epic/feature/bugs) in Azure Devops
  • Managing Repos in Azure Devops
  • Building CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Real world example of pipelines
  • Test Plans in Azure DevOps
  • Wiki and Dashboard in Azure DevOps
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