Course Overview

Azure has lots to offer but when it comes to securing application one thing that stands out is Azure Active Directory. It is one of the buzz words with azure that is often misunderstood or misconfigured. In this course we will learn the basics of Azure Active Directory(AD) / Azure Active Directory B2C (AD B2C)
There are many courses online which will teach you basics of Azure and what Azure AD is, but there are very few to none that comes close to actually implementing and consuming Azure AD and Azure AD B2C. That will be the main focus of this course.
When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Azure AD and Azure AD B2C needed to allow anybody to sign-in to your applications and then manage those users.
This course will take you through the basics and give you a solid foundation in Azure Active Directory to implement authentication in your .NET Applications.

Topics Covered

  • Sign up and Explore Azure AD
  • Authenticate .NET 6 application using Azure AD
  • Signup and Explore Azure AD B2C
  • Authenticate .NET 6 application using Azure AD B2C
  • Create custom attribute for Roles.
  • Manage Authorization with Roles Attribute in B2C
  • External Logins using Azure B2C
  • Managing API using Azure B2C
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