Course Overview

This is a Begineer course on ASP.NET Core 5 that will take you from basics structure to building a CRUD website. This course is for anyone who is familiar with ASP.NET basics and wants to know about applications in ASP.NET Core MVC.

If you want to learn what the buzz word with ASP.NET Core is, and how quickly you can create a CRUD website and get overview of both technology, then this is the perfect course.
  • We will be building a very basic book list application in MVC and learn basic structure of ASP.NET Core Application
  • For the next project we will build appointment scheduling application for doctor and patients as we will host this on Azure.

Topics Covered

  • Build beginner real world application using ASP.NET Core
  • Manage admin features using ASP.NET Core
  • Learn basics of .NET Core
  • Emails in .NET Core
  • Sessions, TempData, ViewBag and ViewData in .NET Core
  • Custom Login/Register Page
  • Full Calendar and Notify plugins.
  • Hosting application on Azure and MyWindowsHosting
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