Course Overview

Learn important skills for the new identity system for ASP.NET Core. Many times with the built in code developer misses the core concepts behind security in ASP.NET Core or how the Identity Razor class library behaves! 

ASP.NET Core now includes the new identity system, which replaces the legacy membership system in ASP.NET. It is essential that software engineers learn these relevant skills and apply them when developing MVC applications if they do not want to combine razor pages with MVC.

In this course we will build custom code with MVC for Identity Management similar to Identity Razor class library but with MVC. That way you can learn to stick with just one technology in your project.

Once we develop authentication with MVC we will learn Razor Identity Class Library and how to scaffold and customize it.

We will also learn advance topics in authorization, as we start with basics and learn to dive into roles, claims and custom policy by building handlers, requirements and much more!

Authorization and User Management is a must in real world projects, and that is exactly what we will learn in this detailed course!

Topics Covered

  • ASP NET Core Identity with MVC
  • Authorization with Roles
  • Implementing Two-Factor Authentication
  • Implementing Sign Up and Sign-in using with E-mail confirmation
  • User, Claims and Role Management
  • Scaffold Identity Library
  • Two Factor Authentication with MVC
  • External Logins in MVC
  • Policy Management
  • Custom Handler and Requirements
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